Monster mash

I’m sure that everyone with children has that moment – the moment when you realize that your child has quite literally nothing to wear because they’ve grown so much or the season has suddenly changed or both!  Well, that moment arrived very suddenly at our house on Friday.  We went from 70s in the mornings to 50s, and Will had one pair of pants that fit.  So, I dropped everything and started making the poor child some clothes!

New outfit #1: Appliqued monster tee and pants

The pants are elastic waist with a blind stitched hem in a brown houndstooth fabric.  The t-shirt (plain white tee from Target) has a three-dimensional monster applique with eyes made of stacked brown and pearl buttons. 

I’m very pleased with the outfit.  I’m hoping to finish a few more outfits this week so the poor child has something to wear!  

If you are interested in a pants/shirt set for your child, let me know!


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Happy Fall!

Cooler weather has now arrived in South Georgia.   It’s so refreshing to be able to open the doors and windows of our home and not break into a sweat!

In keeping with the fall weather, here’s my latest finished project: a Candy Corn dress for Ellen.   Cute dress on a cute girl!  I cannot claim credit for the idea behind the dress.   This was Ellen’s mom’s suggestion (and a great one)!


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Pillowcases and pretty girls…

Anna Wintour eat your heart out! 

Elizabeth Grace (4)  and Anna Clark (18 months) modeling matching blue pillowcase dresses.

Photos courtesy of Jim Hornsby, fantastic portrait artist and grandfather to these two adorable girls!  If you’re interested in getting a pillowcase dress for your little girl or if you want to know more about Jim’s beautiful portraits on canvas, just get in touch with me!

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Birthday boys!

Recently two of the McCall family’s favorite boys have had birthdays.   For each of these VIPs (Very Important Preschoolers), I made a birthday gift for the upcoming school year.

For Sweet RayRay, it was a personalized tee.  Click on the close-up image below for a more detailed view of the applique.

For Charlie, it was a lunch set (including lunch “box” and reusable drawstring bags for sandwich and snacks). 

Hope you boys enjoy!

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Birds & baubles

Happy Friday all! 

I’m posting some crafts/home decor today rather than sewing.  I cannot take credit for these ideas.  Thanks for Prudent Baby and Honey and the Moon for these cool ways to dress up functional items.

Children’s Bathroom Stool

This is a plain white stool from Target that I got a wild hair to dress up after seeing PB’s project.  I bought this great book entitled “Charley Harper: An Illustrated Life” last Christmas.  It’s got all sorts of fabulous prints including a whole series on birds.  I’ve been cannibalizing it for art and decor purposes.   This was my first time using Mod Podge, and to be quite honest, I messed it up the first time.  The second time I had the help of a friend who’s an expert!  This round turned out wonderfully. 

Jewelry Storage

For ages I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to store jewelry.  I’ve always had it shoved in a drawer somewhere; consequently, I can’t see what I have and don’t wear but a couple of things.  I saw this idea and promptly stole it!  I found the frame in the 90% off clearance at Hobby Lobby, bought some foam and floral pins, and this great black & white fabric from the remnant bin.  A little hot glue and some foam core board and voila!  I’m happy with it.   It will hang in our new closet above my dreaded elfa shelving unit.

My next home decor project: making a cover for said elfa.  I just have to find the fabric and the time to do it!


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A bootiful dress for Dodie

My adorable, precocious niece is starting preschool soon.  She has told her mother that she only wants to wear bootiful dresses to school.  So, I’m making a few new dresses for this burgeoning fashionista.  Seriously, she can work a hand on hip like nobody’s business!

Dress #1: Multi-colored stripe pillowcase dress with green grosgrain ribbon.

Until I can get some pictures of her modeling said dress, these will have to do.

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Drawstring Backpack

I just finished a drawstring backpack for a darling little girl. She’s going to use it for her dance classes. We’re deciding on applique and monogram options.

It is fully lined, and the straps are adjustable based on your child’s height. We can vary it easily for a boy, too!

Let me know if you are interested in having one made for your child.  They are very reasonably priced!

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Hello world!

Welcome to the beginning of what I hope will be a prolific blog.  I’m hoping to use it to feature my sewing projects, cooking & crafts.  Some will be for love, and some will be for money! So, here goes nothing!

Here are a few examples of my projects so far! 

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