More dresses…

Just a quick post to show you two more dresses that I made for a really great cause and some really special kids.  I’ll give you more details about the cause (and hopefully pictures of the dresses on the “models”) soon.

These khaki dresses are going to look great on two cute little girls


Up close you can see better that the fabric has a cool pattern like white coral.


Keep an eye out for my post on where these dresses are going to find their new home!



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4 responses to “More dresses…

  1. Cheryl Wilson Denmark

    precious…I like the single tie side.

  2. thebrokins

    SO cute! I am upcycling some of my husband’s dress shirts into dresses for my daughter. I am impressed!

    • I’m about to do that myself, Jasmine! How have you been doing it? I’ve got some hacked up for parts and some that I’m going to use looking more like the shirts they are.

  3. Hi there! Got your comment on my Yard Sale blog and thought I’d check out yours!! I totally love it, and I’m LOVIN these dresses!! We need to be friends! 🙂 I’ll let you know what happens with the tv stand….

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