Draft dodgers…

Well, Happy New Year (or Happy Valentine’s Day, as it were) bloggy friends!  These next few posts are, alas, not going to be full of cute stuff.  They is going to showcase some of what I think will be my most profitable projects.  That is not to say that I’m going to make money on them, but rather I think they will save me money.  

 First up: Draft dodgers! 

In our house, we have an issue with drafts underneath our kitchen and front doors.  Whether it’s hot or cold outside, we want to keep the “bought air” in the house.  After one too many nights below freezing here in south Georgia, my husband begged me to make something to block the drafts.  So, I made two draft dodgers as shown below by our lovely spokesmodel! Please excuse the quality of the photo!


I used remnant from my friend Jill Higgins’ chair covers to make long tubes.  I won’t try to give you a pattern for what I did, but instead here’s a link to a whole page of patterns for these things on TipNut.  http://tipnut.com/draft-stoppers/  The sewing portion can be as simple or as complicated as you’d like.  On TipNut, they have fancy ones with decorative elements.  Mine are super simple; they are just a long strip of fabric with two short seams and one long seam.  Once filled, the tube stops the draft between the bottom of the door and the threshhold.  I made my tube one and a half inches longer than the door measured from outside edge to outside edge.  I used a wine bottle as my gauge for the proper diameter.  That seemed to be a good size as it wasn’t too thin or too thick.   Try whatever cylinder you have.

Once two sides were sewn, I filled the tubes with uncooked rice.  Take note:  that is UNCOOKED rice.  You can use lots of different materials including dried beans, batting, old fabric scraps, sand, etc.  I used the uncooked rice because it’s what I had on hand.  Depending on the diameter and length you need for your door, it can take quite a bit to fill the tube.  Now, why, you ask, would I have 15 pounds of uncooked rice in my house?  Well, we used it to dig for treasure at my son’s birthday party two years ago.  I’ve been keeping it in storage ever since just knowing I’d find a use for it.  My husband wanted to throw it out, but I finally justified my saving it all this time.

If I did this project again, I’d put the rice in the leg of an old pair of tights and then insert that into the tube.  I’d also make the tube removable by using a button closure or the like.   It tends to get dirty, as do my floors, with my two kids plus friends running around all the time.  So, that’s just something to consider.  If it won’t be in a high traffic area then you won’t have a problem.

I know this isn’t the most exciting of ideas, but here’s hoping it will save us all some money!

On a quick side note: You should pop over to my friend Jill Higgins’ Web site.  She’s an incredibly talented photographer and is doing some other fun projects, too.


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