UFO sighting

In the quest to clothe my son, here’s the next outfit project.  I used a blue and white windowpane plaid as the base for the set.  I also used different pattern for the pants which is slightly more straight-legged.  I think I like the cut better.  The poor thing is so very skinny that I had to take up the waist twice.  Don’t we wish we had that problem? 

I hand embroidered a flying saucer onto a store-bought t-shirt in complementary colors.  It’s myone of my first attempts at embroidery (except for one other shirt on which I did a letter). 


Please forgive the poor picture quality.  I was rushing to take the picture before he wore it to school and ruined it.  Shortly after the first picture was snapped, I stepped in a nice little present left in the carport for me by some unknown animal.  (Insert mental picture of me hopping around trying not to say bad words here.)

Live long and prosper!


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