Monster mash

I’m sure that everyone with children has that moment – the moment when you realize that your child has quite literally nothing to wear because they’ve grown so much or the season has suddenly changed or both!  Well, that moment arrived very suddenly at our house on Friday.  We went from 70s in the mornings to 50s, and Will had one pair of pants that fit.  So, I dropped everything and started making the poor child some clothes!

New outfit #1: Appliqued monster tee and pants

The pants are elastic waist with a blind stitched hem in a brown houndstooth fabric.  The t-shirt (plain white tee from Target) has a three-dimensional monster applique with eyes made of stacked brown and pearl buttons. 

I’m very pleased with the outfit.  I’m hoping to finish a few more outfits this week so the poor child has something to wear!  

If you are interested in a pants/shirt set for your child, let me know!


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